Corporate Responsibility Act

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Corporate Responsibility Act is a Liberalian Law.

[edit] The Bill

Preamble: The purpose of the Corporate Responsibility bill is to make sure that the private sector does not have complete control over Liberalia’s market, but with the government they will work together for the consumer, and share the responsibilities.

This bill’s purpose is not to limit freedoms of the private sector but to protect the commonwealth from big profit companies who buy their way through law and taxes for a profit.

This bill protects small business from being dissolved by massive conglomeration monopolies, and protects consumers from unfair un-informative deals.

Clause 1: No Company or privately owned business may consume the market of sales or production enough to be considered a monopoly. This is to ensure that small business do not get consumed by larger monopolized companies, which will raise the standards of living and equality in middle, and lower classes

Section A. A monopoly can be defined as follows: A company or group having exclusive control over a commercial activity.

Section B.The bad effects that can come out of monopolized companies can be the following tactics: Bid rigging, Predatory pricing, Price fixing, Tying, and Vendor lock-ins.

Clause 2: Any company which breaks the Liberalian laws in effect to protect the environment, will be fined heavily by the government, and the fines will go directly to the environmental protection research companies through subsides (unless nationalized).

Clause 3: Due to the ever deteriorating clean environment, this bill will allow the government to give subsides every 3 years at a reasonable amount to companies who have environmentally friendly technology, but can not get enough business because the popular technology owns more of the market.

Section A. Along with the subsidies; the business which is the most environmentally stunning company will receive an award, which will boost its publicity.

Clause 4: Considering that most of consumers don’t know the full detail about the commodity they are purchasing, companies will be asked to give a full explanation about items that can considerably effect health.

Section A. To make sure that these requirements are met, there will be a government run non-profit organization created. The purpose of this will be to research about items that may be becoming a significant problem in the world or have significant side effects to health. It will then be their responsibility to report it to the public and to make sure the company has those items and info available in the store.

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